Learning by theory is a method of getting knowledge. However, in Da-Yeh University, we put more emphasis on practice. “Learning by doing” enables students to fully understand what they have learned, and it will also help them to have more creative ideas. “Learning by doing” is the key spirit of German style polytechnic. This kind of spirit is also the reason that results in the industrialization of German. Da-Yeh University aims to turn the students into specialists. Our students have both independent thoughts and practical skills.

The Earth Counterback


Weather Changes are the hottest issues in our life recently. Some extreme events have occurred on earth, but no country could be free from it. Many governments try to find effective ways to prevent disasters; however, it is very difficult. Some regions are destroyed by the natural power, such as Philippines attacked by typhoon Haiyan, and Australia wrecked by heat waves.

Coastal towns across the central Philippines have been left devastated by typhoon Haiyan, which brought gusts of wind up to 275km/h and wave as high as 15m. People in Philippines describe this typhoon as a tsunami. After Haiyan, many people became homeless. So a lot of countries near Philippines sent their rescue teams to help them to clean the messy environment. At the same time, however, something happened in Australia.

Heat waves in Australia are becoming more often, hotter and lasting longer because of climate changes. Two months ago, Adelaide, a city in Australia, suffered the most in which the temperature hit forty-six degree Celsius. Unfortunately, some residents cannot tolerate this high temperature and thus lost their lives. Dead or surviving, those suffering in the disaster get assistance from their government. Therefore, the economy of the country turned into depression.

After the typhoon and heat waves, everyone starts to care about our beautiful earth. Many environmental groups declare that "To protect earth is everyone's responsibility," because human activities are the main reasons to destroy the environment. Now, let's do something good for our land –our earth-our only home.