• The Talloires Declaration

    Talloires Declaration:Initiated and signed together by 20 presidents and deans in college in October 1990. It concerns the problem of the worsening of the environment, regarding the stability of population, forestation, and ecology as key factors to recover the environment. Besides, it believes the importance of university in education, research, policy formation, and information exchange. The idea of recovering the environment would be taken into practice instead of just a thought or concept.

    Hence, the leader of a university has to provide its leadership and support, making use of internal and external resources so that the school can cope with the challenge. Since October 2008, 378 universities have signed the Declaration. Among them, most of the universities signing the Declaration are universities in the US, Columbia, and Canada.

    The Talloires Declaration’s Ten Movement Plan:

    1. To enhance the awareness of sustainable development in the environment.

    2. To create a campus culture seeking sustainability.

    3. To educate students to become citizens responsible for the environment.

    4. To promote everyone in the campus’s understanding of the environment.

    5. To implement campus ecology.

    6. To connect the government’s power and the people’s.

    7. To cooperate with other fields.

    8. To assist middle and elementary schools to form the ability to teach sustainable development and to establish partnership with them.

    9. To reinforce cooperation and service both domestically and internationally.

    10. To continue exchange and mutual assistance.