• Strategies of “School Development Strategy—Sustainable Operation”

    1. To manifest regimen of ecological environment in campus.

    .To establish ecological trail along the mountain.

    .To build landscape ponds of eco-system.

    .To build environment instruction system.

    .To establish sustainable environment education.

    2. To promote energy conservation and carbon reduction system in campus.

    .To set up environment system of sustainability.

    .To set up environment management of sustainability.

    .To continue promoting green purchase.

    .To reinforce waste management.

    3. Management of Friendly and Barrier Free Campus.

    .To build a traffic network connecting four kinds of transportation, providing a comfortable and convenient transportation taking environment.

    .To create a barrier free campus environment.

    4. To Construct Sustainable Safe Network in Campus.

    .To keep promoting campus safety and health.

    .To reinforce the management of experiment wastes.